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Question: Who manages Partner VPN & LAN?
Response: This site was improperly identified as a partner site. It is also an RMCL owned location and requires a new firewall. Please consider the same firewall, Cisco ASA 5506-X (or equivalent) at that location. The address is 5 Lowell Street, Calais. The winning vendor should provide pricing for installation, configuration, and management of the equipment at this location as well.

Question: Who is responsible for any changes if necessary on inside application servers once network is installed?
Response: Although these changes will not be subsidizable through the Rural Healthcare Program please provide additional pricing for any changes necessary so RMCL is aware of the additional costs.

Question: What are the make and model of existing access switches?
Response: RMCL has the following switches and hubs available.

Question: What are the make and model of the current firewalls in E. Machias and Calais?
Response: Machias currently uses an Endian Firewall, which is an open source solution that utilizes IPTables. Calais uses CentOS and IPTables which is also an open source solution.

Question: What are the make and model of the current routers in E. Machias and Calais?
Response: Currently RMCL does not own any routers, all routing is handled by layer 3 switches and firewalls. There is one vendor managed router at Lubec and Machias which provide NETC services. Machias has a 10 Mbps circuit which is currently configured for layer 2 site-to-site connectivity only (similar to an eline). Lubec also has a 10 Mbps circuit which has one port configured for Internet and the other for site-to-site connectivity to Machias. These connections are represented as "Vendor Network" on the diagram in Appendix A.

Question: Are there any other VPN connections other than what is listed, such as Cloud provider?
Response: Lubec has a vendor provided SonicWall that provides a VPN connection to their EHR providers cloud.

Question: Installation to include removal of existing switches in data room and install the new customer provided four SG300-28PP for a total available ports of 96. Is that enough for all end points in the Lubec facility?
Response: An updated list of switches has been provided above. Please consider a topology that connects each access switch back to the core switch (cisco 3850 or equivalent) at layer 2, utilizes link aggregation to increase bandwidth, and is configured as a trunk port. This way access layer switches can be moved out toward the end points and multiple VLANs are available on each switch. The Cisco 3850 has 48 Ports which would allow for 3 Gbps connection to each of the 11 available access layer switches with 15 ports to spare. These access layer switches could be placed in closets or close to servers.

Question: Your previous response included a Cisco SP3000-24 at RMCL's Machias location, can we verify the make and model please?
Response: The correct switch model is Cisco SF 300-24P 10/100 POE Managed Switch