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Question: We did this last year, can you please explain? thanks
Response: We're currently working to secure funding for FY18 which means any contracts or funding commitments that expire before 6/30/19 must be renewed/resubmitted. The minimum we would request from incumbent vendors is a proposal for any contracts that are expiring.

Question: I received a copy of RFP 179 for MaineGeneral Medical Center. This RFP seems to be very similar to RFP 109/ RFP 150 from 2016-2017.
Response: RFP109 and RFP150 are very similar to to RFP179. This is because contracts and/or subsidies are expiring on the services listed in the new RFP. In order to keep this from happening in the future vendors should consider (after discussing with MaineGeneral) adding auto renewal statements to their contracts. This will allow the subsidy to continue for up to 7 years without going to RFP again.

Question: I looked on your website and I don’t see where an award was given for this older bid? Can you provide an update on who was awarded this bid so we can determine if we can be competitive in responding to this new RFP? Can you also provide information on how the awards are notified? Do you update your website for all bidding to see results or do you only contact the winning bidder?
Response: Winning vendors are considered confidential and are not made public. Vendors who have put in a proposals and are not awarded will receive an email indicating that no services were awarded. If a vendor was awarded they will either be contacted by MaineGeneral and contract negotiations will begin or if a current contract is used our Accounting department will reach out after the subsidy has been approved to begin processing.

Question: We would like to determine if the services being asked for in RFP 179 are still under contract with another vendor that MaineGeneral would have to pay early termination fees to award a new vendor as these bids take a lot of time to engineer and respond to?
Response: As noted above this RFP is composed of services that have or will be expiring before 6/30/19.

Question: Please forward a copy of this RFP in word format, thank you!
Response: We are unable to send a word copy directly as you must get the RFP from the USAC website. Other vendors have had success converting PDF to Word using online tools like PDF to Word.

Question: Does this mean that incumbent vendors will not be required to respond full to this RFP, but only provide a proposal for renewal contracts?
Response: Section 9.1 of the RFP indicates that you are never required to provide a proposal for the whole network. If you would like to provide a proposal for only circuits that you are the incumbent for that would be considered a valid proposal.