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Question: It appears they are looking for some form of a mobile solution and the question is: Is The Health Center looking for a satellite connection that would enable this mobile clinic to maintain this VPN while the clinic is in transit?
Response: No, The Health Center's mobile clinic will be stationary while using the VPN.

Question: Will the The Health Center Mobile Dental Clinic require WAN/Internet services only at the 157 Towne Avenue Plainfield Vermont service address or will it require WAN/Internet services at multiple addresses?
Response: The Health Center requires services at the following addresses

Question: Our Team had responded to RFP 162 for communication to a large multipoint service for approximately 20 schools. I am not sure if a decision has been made on this opportunity, if you have sent an update my apologies if we missed this communication.
We are now looking at RFP 172- which is an RFP for connections to mobile dental care units. Are they related?
Also, is this for HCCF funding? I believe the funding window was closed on June 30, 2017.
Can you help me with a few details?
Response: Our apologies for the confusion. No decision has been made yet on RFP-162 as we are exploring different options with potentially improved cost-effectiveness in RFP-172. Since this process is both vendor and technology neutral we welcome all proposals. Once a winning vendor is selected we will submit for subsidy in the next filing window.