New England Telehealth Consortium





"One of the most sublime

experiences we can ever

have is to wake up

feeling healthy after we

have been sick."

Harold Kushner






Question: Approximately how many users span all locations and/or would need to make use of cloud firewall services?
Response: Approximately 500 users between Optimus staff and Stamford Hospital residents who are using all the services of the datacenter and cloud firewall.

Question: We are in receipt of the Form 461, RFP, and Network Plan for the above mentioned bid. We would like to respectfully ask if a deadline extension could be granted. Would it be possible to extend the deadline to June 30, 2017?
Response: The current USAC filing window closes on June 30, 2017. Unfortunately the due date for this RFP must remain fixed at June 14, 5PM Eastern Time, to allow time to review and analyze responses, select vendor(s), sign contract(s), and file all necessary paperwork with USAC before their filing window expires on June 30.