New England Telehealth Consortium





"One of the most sublime

experiences we can ever

have is to wake up

feeling healthy after we

have been sick."

Harold Kushner






Question: Please verify the Millinocket location. The RFP has 24 Balsam Dr. The HAN web site has 200 Somerset St.
Response: The RFP is correct, HANs website has not been updated with the new address yet.

Question: Can you verify if this should be 21 or 29 Winn Road, Lee, ME 04455?
Response: The corrected address is 21 Winn Road Lee, ME 04455

Question: I’m inquiring about the ACSD of NETC RFP – 164. Is there any chance this can be extended beyond today? Thanks very much.
Response: NETC RFP-164 has already reached its ACSD. We are unable to extend it at this time.