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Question: Purpose of this correspondence is to see if appropriate site contacts could be provided so that interested vendors could consider/submit "site surveys" to determine potential expense to deliver fiber to addresses identified in the RFP.
Response: Unfortunately, no. NETC does not give out client contact information.

Question: Would it be possible to get Word versions of these RFPs?
Response: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a word copy of the RFP as vendors are required to get the RFP directly from the USAC website. I would recommend one of the online tools that can convert a pdf to a word document. They should be easily located using google.

Question: According to this RFP received recently, The Health Center is looking for Wide Area Network connectivity to 21 schools. Since they (The Health Center) are in the healthcare industry, and many of these schools on the list are well over 2 hours' drive from them, we're wondering if this was a mistake? Why would The Health Center in Plainfield need a direct connection to Alburgh which is in Grand Isle County a long way from them in Washington County. We're just checking to make sure?
Response: The RFP is as posted on USAC's website.

Question: There seems to be a potential error for the Lunenburg Elementary school in the RFP can you please advise? The address listed appears to come up as a residence, that being: 192 Webster St, St. Johnsbury VT 05819. We’re assuming, per Google, the “correct” address should be: 49 Bobbin Mill Rd. Lunenburg, VT 05906?
Response: Yes, you are correct in your detective work. It is 49 Bobbin Mill Rd. Lunenberg, VT 05906