New England Telehealth Consortium





"One of the most sublime

experiences we can ever

have is to wake up

feeling healthy after we

have been sick."

Harold Kushner






Question: Is the billed entity the New England Telehealth Consortium, or Community Health Services, Inc?
Response: The billed entity is Community Health Services, Inc.

Question: I am reaching out with a quick question in regards to RFP-141 for Community Health Services. In reference to section 4.14 (references). As a National leader in the Security space it is our normal practice to not provide references on our accounts to protect their security. We are a known partner of CHS and have done numerous projects over the last 18 months including their WLAN, SIEM and Switching. If necessary, we will provide References, can you please advise? Thank you for your time.
Response: Since section 4.14 states "Responding Vendors are encouraged to provide professional references" vendors who do not wish to submit references will not be penalized.