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Question: The WAN requested does not list the following:
Dental Center 1048 Union St. Bangor, ME 04401 HCP# 23546
I want to make sure that this Dental Office location was not omitted by mistake. It’s the only location in the RFP not requested to be part of the WAN.
Response: PCHC has private fiber on their Union Street campus for this connection. They do have a backup Internet connection at the Dental Center, which is in the RFP.

Question: 1. Does the client want one eLine from PCHC to Oxford Bangor DC and one eLine from PCHC to Oxford Brunswick DC?
2. Or, does client want a LAN between PCHC, Oxford DC, and Brunswick DC?
3. Or, does client want it the way the map in Appendix A shows – i.e. have both DC’s be part of the overall LAN, allowing ALL sites to communicate with DC’s?
Response: Although wording in 11.4.2 requests DC connectivity to 1012 Union Street: The client desires all locations shown in the map to be connected via multipoint-to-multipoint services, fully meshed, including the DCs, placing all locations on their MPLS/CES/VPLS private WAN.