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Question: In the diagrams, the sites with 2 network portions – in the drawing its red + blue – would those come in as completely separate handoffs, and would the client need that completely physically separated?

Response: The networks depicted are blue for a layer 3 fully meshed network, and red for a layer Point to MultiPoint network. These would require different hand-offs. Vendors are free to propose alternative architectures to support connectivity to the sites shown.

Question: For the internet portion – do you know if they need new firewalls?

Response: This RFP is only for network services. Equipment is not being requested as part of this RFP.

Question: Do you know the number of users at all sites, and if a firewall exists, what the brand is?

Response: No firewalls are required for the WAN service locations. For the Internet portion of the RFP, CMMC has 1200 users, CMHC has 320 users, Bates College Clinic has 10 users, Naples Physical Therapy has 3 users, Turner Physical Therapy has 4 users, Rumford Community Home has 30 users.

Question: I need to confirm that the NETC RFP-125 deadline has been extended from 5/4/2017 to 5/10/2017.

Response: NETC-RFP125 has been extended. Proposals are now due by 5/10/2017 at 5:00PM eastern time.

Question: Would you please consider providing us an extension for the response Central Maine Healthcare RFP-125? We currently provide a lot of the circuits there and working with our teams to deliver the best possible solution.

Response: Per request of Central Maine Healthcare, RFP125 has been extended. Proposals are now due by 5/10/2017 at 5:00PM Eastern Time.

Question: In response to 14.1: Is Central Maine Healthcare Corporation referred to as the "billing" entity or the "billed" entity?

Response: Central Maine Healthcare Corporation will be the entity to which vendor bills will be assessed for contracted services.