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Request for Proposal

This Request for Proposal seeks bids for network services for Cheshire Medical Center, a NETC member health care provider.  This RFP was posted by USAC on 3/30/2016.  Responses are due 5pm Eastern Time by 5/13/2016.

NETC RFP102 - The Network Plan

Please note that USAC adopts their own RFP numbering scheme and NETC's RFP102 is listed on the USAC site as RFP03.

STATUS: Bidding is now closed.

Question: Is the 500 Mbps Internet connection from the Hospital a straight up DIA or is that really a 500 Mbps EPL between the Hospital and the "NETC redundant Internet Drains"?
Response: This is a request for dedicated Internet services (DIA).  The customer will want to run eBGP and load balance on this circuit and their NETC Internet service.

Question: For the 10G circuit, are we looking for an electrical or optical handoff?
Response: Multimode Fiber hand-off.

Question: How many concurrent call paths are required for the SIP request?
Response: 36 concurrent calls.

Question: Is it possible for you to provide the make, model, and software version of Cheshire Medical PBX?
Response: Cheshire has a Nortel PBX C1000 with v.7 firmware, front-ended with an Avaya Aura Session Manager, Release 6.0.

Question: In 10. Service Level Agreement, SLA metrics for the proposed network are requested. What metrics is the primary network committed to delivering?
Response: The primary network depicted is tiny portion of a very large three-state network connecting 400 health care providers over a pair of redundant 60 Gbps cores with switching fabric in two diffeent states. Because it is not a similar scope or design, the metrics of the primary network are not relevant and would not apply to t his RFP. The proposing vendor should propose metrics that it is capable of supporting.

Question: In 12.0 Network Diagram, NETC/Cheshire requires a redundant network. Best practices recommend that where possible, diverse layer 1 fiber paths are used for the for the primary and secondary networks, as well as diverse egress from buildings, and diverse routes to POPs serving the buildings by the primary and secondary providers. What layer 1 providers are in use by the primary provider?
Response: The layer 1 provider of the primary network is FairPoint Communications.

Question: Are there maps or diagrams showing egress from building and routes to POPs taken by the primary provider?
Response: NETC does not have maps or diagrams showing egress from buildings and routes taken by the primary provider.

Question: What weight (if any) will physical diversity (including conduit) be given in the decision process?
Response: Physical diversity (including conduit and entrance diversity) will be given strong consideration under Technical Merit of Proposal per paragraph 17.6.4. The total weight for Technical Merit is 20%.

Question: Will NETC be employing or envisioning auto-failover or manual failover processes between the NETC MPLS and Layer 2 WAN networks, in addition to failover techniques specified for voice and internet services?
Response: Cheshire Medical Center will be using the services in a redundant fashion. Proposals that include auto-failover solutions will be considered under the Technical Merit of Proposal scoring criterion.